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Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Failure

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Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Failure
By Patrick W. Serruys, Alain Cribier Md, John Webb, Jean-claude Laborde, Nicolo Piazza, Peter De Jaegere

* Number Of Pages: 307
* Publication Date: 2009-11-16

Product Description:
Pioneers in the field of transcatheter aortic-valve implantation demonstrate:

anatomy and postmortem studiespatient selectiondescription of devices and loading techniquesimaging techniques: pre-, intra-, and postprocedureanesthetic carevascular accesspercutaneous aortic balloon valvuloplastyvalve deliveryvalve deploymentmanagement of complicationsICU careoutpatient carenew devicesWATCH AND LEARN over 200 video clips supply real life "how-to" examples (DVD not included!)VISUALLY DRIVEN CONTENT with 500 images-over 200 in full-color!INCREASE SUCCESS/AVOID COMPLICATIONS AND FAILURE-by choosing the right ingredients for successful outcomes. From patient selection protocols to post-procedural care-the book shows you howBUILD MASTERY with tips and tricks that would take years to developHIGHLY REGARDED TEAM OF INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS-who pioneered these techniques-show you time-tested techniques, proven to work


Thi ?? x? tr v?i b?nh l gi?n t?nh m?ch chi d??i

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I. ??i c??ng.
Gin t?nh m?ch d??i da chi d??i l m?t b?nh m trong ? tnh tr?ng b?nh l n?i b?t lqu trnh t?n th??ng khng h?i ph?c c?a thnh cc t?nh m?ch nng d??i da c?a chi d??i,lm cc t?nh m?ch ny gin ra khng ??u nhau.Sau ? cc van t?nh m?ch d?n d?n b? suy d?n ??n tnh tr?ng mu t?nh m?ch c th? ch?y ng??c v? phi ngo?i vi.B?nh di?n bi?n n?ng d?n v nguyn nhn cn ch?a r rng.
?y l m?t b?nh t??ng ??i ph? bi?n,N? b? b?nh nhi?u h?nNam,c? ch? b?nh sinh ch?a r rng nn cng tc d? phng v ?i?u tr? cn g?p nhi?u kh kh?n.


Ki?n th?c ??i c??ng v? U trung th?t

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I. ??I C??NG
U trung th?t bao g?m cc kh?i u nguyn pht ho?c th? pht, c tnh ho?c lnh tnh pht sinh ? vng trung th?t, c th? g?p ? m?i l?a tu?i v?i nhi?u nguyn nhn khc nhau .
U trung th?t chi?m 90% cc v?n ?? b?nh l trung th?t, ph?n l?n l cc u c tnh .
Trung th?t l m?t khoang ch?t ch?i ch?a nhi?u c? quan khc nhau, do ? h?i ch?ng trung th?t l d?u hi?u chn p cc c? quan trong ? :
+ ???ng th? : Kh, ph? qu?n .
+ ?ng tiu ho : Th?c qu?n .
+ Th?n kinh : Giao c?m, qu?t ng??c, honh dy X
+ M?ch mu : T?nh m?ch (ch? trn, ch? ???i, ph?i, ??n), ??ng m?ch ph?i .
+ ?ng ng?c : Tu? theo v? tr c?a kh?i u m c tri?u ch?ng lm sng khc nhau, c th? c kh?i u r?t nh? m chn p n?ng, ng??c l?i c tr??ng h?p kh?i u to m chn p khng nhi?u nh? tr??ng h?p u lnh tnh hay u lao x? nhi?m .
Trn lm sng c h?i ch?ng trung th?t khng nh?t thi?t ??u do u trung th?t nh? trong trn d?ch trung th?t, vim trung th?t,...


V?t th??ng ??ng m?ch- thi ?? x? tr

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I.??i c??ng:
V?t th??ng ??ng m?ch th??ng gy m?t mu nhi?u v c?p tnh nn l lo?i t?n th??ng c?n ???c x? tr c?p c?u ngay. Trong x? tr ph?i ??ng th?i th?c hi?n hai vi?c chnh: lm ng?ng ngay tnh tr?ng ch?y mu v ??m b?o ???c dng mu tu?n hon nui d??ng cho vng t? ch?c do ??ng m?ch b? t?n th??ng ? chi ph?i.

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