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MRI and CT of the Cardiovascular System

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MRI and CT of the Cardiovascular System
ByCharles B Higgins, Albert de Roos
MRI and CT of the Cardiovascular System, 2nd edition  library.nu #110878

  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • 2nd edition
  • Language: English
  • Number Of Pages: 672
  • Publication Date: 2005-10-01
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0781762715
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780781762717

Product Description:

Written by internationally eminent experts in cardiovascular imaging, this volume provides state-of-the-art information on the use of MRI and CT in the assessment of cardiac and vascular diseases. This Second Edition reflects recent significant advances in cardiovascular MRI technology and the emergence of multi-detector CT as an important diagnostic modality, particularly for ischemic heart disease. New chapters in this edition cover coronary CTA and plaque characterization. A brand-new interventional MR section covers catheter tracking and devices, endovascular interventions, MR-guided cardiac catheterization, and endovascular delivery of gene and stem cell therapy. More than 900 illustrations present diagnostic information in unprecedented detail.

Khuy?n co 2010 b?nh tim b?m sinh ng??i l?n (VN)

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B?nh tim b?m sinh (BTBS) c t?n su?t kho?ng 8/1000 tr? ra ??i cn s?ng. H?u h?t tr? b? BTBS c?n ?i?u tr? ph?u thu?t, m?t s? r?t t d khng ph?u thu?t c th? s?ng t?i tu?i tr??ng thnh. Ph?u thu?t BTBS ??t nhi?u ti?n b? t? cu?i th? k? 20, tuy nhin v?n cn t?n t?i nhi?u v?n ??. H?n n?a, d ???c ph?u thu?t tri?t ??, cc b?nh nhn BTBS v?n c?n ???c ch?m sc v ?i?u tr? b?i bc s? chuyn khoa su?t ??i. Do ? hnh thnh m?t chuyn khoa su: B?nh Tim B?m Sinh ? Ng??i L?n.


Tch (lc) thnh ??ng m?ch ch? (aortic dissection)

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Tch thnh ??ng m?ch ch? (?MC) l b?nh t g?p (t? l? hi?n m?c kho?ng 5-30 ca/tri?u ng??i/n?m), t?n su?t thay ??i ph? thu?c vo t?ng qu?n th? v?i cc y?u t? nguy c? khc nhau. Tri?u ch?ng b?nh th??ng ?a d?ng, d? nh?m v?i nhi?u b?nh c?nh c?p c?u khc, c?n ch nghi ng? m?i c th? ch?n ?on v x? tr k?p th?i, trnh nh?ng bi?n ch?ng gy t? vong. T? l? nam/n? l 2/1, ?? tu?i hay g?p nh?t l t? 60 ??n 70 tu?i. T? l? t? vong kho?ng 1%/m?i gi? trong 48 gi? ??u.

V? tr tch thnh ?MC hay g?p l ?MC ln (ch? l?i, vng cao trn cc xoang vnh ph?i v xoang khng vnh kho?ng 1-2 cm, chi?m kho?ng 60-65%), ?MC xu?ng - ch? xu?t pht (ngay d??i ch? xu?t pht c?a ??ng m?ch d??i ?n tri, 20%), quai ?MC (10%), cn l?i ? ?MC b?ng do nh?ng vng ny ph?i c?ng gin nhi?u nh?t d??i p l?c cao trong k? tm thu ho?c l ?i?m n?i (xung y?u) gi?a nh?ng vng c? ??nh v di ??ng c?a ?MC.


Cn ?ng ??ng m?ch (Patent ductus arteriosus)

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Cn ?ng ??ng m?ch (CO?M) (TBS) chi?m kho?ng 10% cc b?nh tim b?m sinh (1 trong 2000 ??n 5000 tr? s? sinh). Dng shunt th??ng nh? v t tri?u ch?ng lm sng, tr? khi ? c bi?n ch?ng.

Di?n bi?n t? nhin c?a b?nh ph? thu?c vo kch th??c c?a ?ng ??ng m?ch v m?c ?? dng shunt triph?i. N?u khng ???c ?i?u tr? c th? d?n ??n suy tim ? huy?t do qu t?i bu?ng tim tri. Trong th?c t? r?t t g?p ?ng ??ng m?ch t? ?ng sau khi tr? ra ??i (tr? cc tr??ng h?p r?t s?m) m th??ng ph?i ?ng ?ng b?ng ph?u thu?t hay ?ng qua da b?ng d?ng c?. N?u ?ng ??ng m?ch ?? qu mu?n m ch?a ???c can thi?p nh? ? ng??i tr??ng thnh th c th? g?p cc r?i lo?n nh?p nh? cu?ng nh? ho?c rung nh?, vim n?i tm m?c nhi?m khu?n, t?ng s?c c?n m?ch ph?i c? ??nh (h?i ch?ng Eisenmenger).

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